You can find some of my writing online.

Substack: theprb.substack.com

Recent Writing:

NYC Spring 2020” in tinderbox


For the Love of Orcas (Wandering Aengus Press) (2019) [hybrid – 2 pieces]

What if Writing is Dreaming Together? (NY Writers Coalition Anthology) (2013) [fiction]

The Helmet Never Came Off: Writing from the Brooklyn Vet Center [essay; fiction]

Brooklyn Writers Space: The Reader Anthology [fiction – currently out of print]

Features & Interviews:

Michelle Tea “In ConversationThe Brooklyn Rail

Viv Albertine “In Conversation: To Throw Away UnopenedThe Brooklyn Rail

Book Reviews:

Here’s my page at The Brooklyn Rail.

Margaret Atwood’s “Burning QuestionsThe Brooklyn Rail

Emily St.  John Mandel’s “Sea of TranquilityThe Brooklyn Rail

Emily St. John Mandel’s “The Glass HotelThe Brooklyn Rail 

Sequoia Nagamatsu’s “How High We Go in the DarkThe Brooklyn Rail

Sophie Mackintosh “The Water CureThe Brooklyn Rail

Marlon James “Black Leopard, Red WolfThe Brooklyn Rail

Tommy Orange “There ThereThe Brooklyn Rail

Shelley Jackson “RiddanceThe Brooklyn Rail

Ursula K. Le Guin “No Time to SpareThe Brooklyn Rail

Denis Johnson “The Largesse of the Sea MaidenThe Brooklyn Rail

Medbh McGuckian “Blaris Moorbreac: digital journal of Irish Studies (Notre Dame)

Kristin Hersh “Rat Girl,” Kim Gordon “Girl in a Band,” Carrie Brownstein “Hunger Makes me a Modern GirlThe Brooklyn Rail

Safiya Umoja Noble “Algorithms of Oppression:How Search Engines Reinforce Racism Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies (JCAS)

Tim Jackson “Pioneering Cartoonists of ColorThe Journal of Popular Culture

Poem-a-Day Chapbooks [2011-2017]

chasing dragonflies: I grow tired of waiting (2017)

split open the sky: eternity overwhelms me (2016)

The art of last night: a song of dancing narwhals (2015)

Osmium: your ancestor is a jellyfish (2014)

And the waxing moon: backcountry skiing in Afghanistan (2013)

Icarus Cannonballed: A lesson in cave diving in the Bahamas (2012)

Waiting for the End of the World: thoughts of bullfrogs and guerrillas (2011)

Academic Writing:

Here’s my page at Academia.edu



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