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several hundred manuscripts in…

In my “spare time” when I’m not at work or school or the library, I work as an editor for Black Lawrence Press. As part of this work, I read hundreds of fiction manuscripts. These mainly come in through BLP’s contests but also through an open reading period. I’ve read some stellar work, some mediocre work, and some incredibly shoddy work. What always gets me though is when writers don’t take the time to check basics like formatting (what’s with all the single-spaced mss?), spelling, basic punctuation and grammar, and little nit-picky things – keeping a character’s named spelled the same way consistently, knowing basic geographical details of the city where a story is based, I could go on but…Reading this I feel I’m being one of those awful cranky-pants editors who forgets that that manuscript is someone’s hard-fought work. I guess my point is: if you DO love your work enough to send it out into the world, why not love it enough to polish it up? And why not also read the basic submission guidelines for the press you’re submitting to? {And yes, I know that last sentence I just wrote is in dire need of a strong editorial hand.} Given all the above, as I said, I’ve also come across some truly stellar work. Jon Chopan’s Pulled from the River, TJ Beitelman’s John the Revelator, and a stunning short story, Blood, by Matthew Cheney that’s one of the best pieces of fiction I’ve read in ages. You can read Blood here: where it was first published in 2006. You can also read it in his short story collection coming out on Black Lawrence Press at some point in the hopefully not too distant future (print publishing being the slow moving beast that it is).  So I guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s a LOT of great writing out there and there could be more if writers would take better care of their work – clean it up, care about word choices, read & learn from more great writers, and by all means: double-space those manuscripts. I treat all manuscripts with equal respect and I value the work every writer is attempting but I won’t go blind for anybody’s work.


5000 words in…

So I’m doing NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I’m about 5000 words in. This time out, I’m writing without a plan & actually chafing at the way the NanoWriMo site demands a title, a cover photo, a synopsis, and an excerpt of the novel-in-progress…I mean, how do I know what it’s called until I know what it is? Anyway, if you want to check out my progress, you can find me under “the_PRB” and the title right now is “I am the shape of the hole inside your heart.” Here’s an excerpt (note: this is a FIRST, unedited draft – with all that entails):

The phone was out and the closest phone box was at the end of the block, she had no change to call anyone and anyway who would she call? She stood in the hallway wanting to scream the names of anyone who might be in the squat and knowing that the silence meant that no one alive was in the house. It was then she saw the handprints all along the wall near the front door and leading up the stairs. She bit her lip, did not scream and left by the front door. She walked out into the bright, cold London morning and did not come back.